Huntington Beach Chrysler Jeep - Nightmare!

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Qualified for loan 20% interest $0 down.ok credit not perfect.

I was referred to a dealer for the car I wanted. Orange Coast Chrysler, jeep in Costa Mesa Ca. When I got there and showed the approval docs, at first they seemed confused. Then they explained that roadloans is not a finance company but a referral company.

The dealer then proceeded to apply for financing through their provider network. got approved for same interest rate but minimum $1000 down. Then came hardsell. "what is it going to take for you to take this car home tody?" I told them 16% on interest and $0 down which I had already been confirmed for at Carmax via Wells Fargo loan.

They would not do it but tried to trap me into it. Conveniently I left my checkbook at home.

They offered to drive me to bank to withdrawal the money or even do a counter check.Stay away from both these companies

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Huntington Beach Chrysler Jeep Paid $550.00 and still have the same problem.

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Not resolved

Main issues with 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.Poor gas mileage and rough idle.

Took the Jeep to Huntington Beach Chrysler Jeep. Was told the jeep had carbon on two LIFTERS and other issues. Cost around $550.00. I told them to do what ever needed to be done.

Picked Jeep up around closing time and still have rough idle. Drove for a couple of days and still very poor gas mileage. 90 mile to a half a tank. It's a 19 gallon tank.

Went back to Huntington Beach Chrysler Jeep and was told that nothing more could be done about the rough idle and that these Jeeps get very poor gas mileage anyway. I was too upset to talk and left.

What did I pay $535.38 for!!!!!!

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